touchcal - Man Page

touch screen configurator


Minimal required options: touchcal -e|-m /dev/ttySx [x=0..3] All options: --elographics | -e         - use elographics driver --microtouch  | -m         - use microtouch driver --x11         | -x[SCREEN] - use X11 [on given screen] --position    | -p PERCENT - position of cross-hair under X11 in % (default: 3) --shrink      | -S NUMBER  - shrink area by NUMBER % for each axis

(useful to avoid crossing screen

boundaries in multiscreen configurations)

--time        | -t         - if you do not have a keyboard on your

system, use this to get a timeout instead

--diffrequird | -d NUMBER  - requires a difference between the

max. and min. values of at least NUMBER

(default = 2000, 0 = off)

--save        | -s NAME    - file to save min / max information to

(default = "/tmp/touchcal.tmp")

--version     | -v         - print the touchcal version (1.00) --help        | -h         - this help text

And then give the device file for your serial port. Probably /dev/ttySx [x=0..3]


January 2021 touchcal version 1.00