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tor-resolve - Man Page

resolve a hostname to an IP address via tor


tor-resolve [-4|-5] [-v] [-x] [-p socksport] hostname [sockshost[:socksport]]


tor-resolve is a simple script to connect to a SOCKS proxy that knows about the SOCKS RESOLVE command, hand it a hostname, and return an IP address.

By default, tor-resolve uses the Tor server running on on SOCKS port 9050. If this isn’t what you want, you should specify an explicit sockshost and/or socksport on the command line.



Display verbose output.


Perform a reverse lookup: get the PTR record for an IPv4 address.


Use the SOCKS5 protocol. (Default)


Use the SOCKS4a protocol rather than the default SOCKS5 protocol. Doesn’t support reverse DNS.

-p socksport

Override the default SOCKS port without setting the hostname.

See Also

tor(1), torify(1).

For protocol details, see: https://spec.torproject.org/socks-extensions


Peter Palfrader



04/10/2024 Tor Manual