topoquantize - Man Page

quantizes TopoJSON


topoquantize [options] <n> [file]


Quantizes the coordinates of the input TopoJSON topology and delta-encodes the topology's arcs. The quantization parameter n must be a positive integer greater than one, and determines the maximum expressible number of unique values per dimension in the resulting quantized coordinates; typically, a power of ten is chosen such as 1e4, 1e5 or 1e6. If the topology does not already have a bbox, one is computed and assigned. If the topology is already quantized, an error is thrown.


-h,  --help

Output usage information.


Output the version number.

-o--out file

Specify the output TopoJSON file name. Defaults to - for stdout.

See Also

geo2topo(1), topo2geo(1), topomerge(1), toposimplify(1)

Referenced By

geo2topo(1), topo2geo(1), topomerge(1), toposimplify(1).

January 2021