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Topic: surface

r.contourProduces a vector map of specified contours from a raster map.
r.fill.statsRapidly fills ’no data’ cells (NULLs) of a raster map with interpolated values (IDW).
r.fillnullsFills no-data areas in raster maps using spline interpolation.
r.random.surfaceGenerates random surface(s) with spatial dependence.
r.resamp.bsplinePerforms bilinear or bicubic spline interpolation with Tykhonov regularization.
r.surf.areaPrints estimation of surface area for raster map.
r.surf.contourGenerates surface raster map from rasterized contours.
r.surf.fractalCreates a fractal surface of a given fractal dimension.
r.surf.gaussGenerates a raster map using gaussian random number generator.
r.surf.idwProvides surface interpolation from raster point data by Inverse Distance Squared Weighting.
r.surf.randomProduces a raster surface map of uniform random deviates with defined range.
v.surf.bsplinePerforms bicubic or bilinear spline interpolation with Tykhonov regularization.
v.surf.idwProvides surface interpolation from vector point data by Inverse Distance Squared Weighting.
v.surf.rstPerforms surface interpolation from vector points map by splines.

See also the corresponding keyword surface for additional references.

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