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Topic: statistics

d.correlatePrints a graph of the correlation between raster maps (in pairs).
db.univarCalculates univariate statistics on selected table column.
i.ccaCanonical components analysis (CCA) program for image processing.
r.clumpRecategorizes data in a raster map by grouping cells that form physically discrete areas into unique categories.
r.coinTabulates the mutual occurrence (coincidence) of categories for two raster map layers.
r.covarOutputs a covariance/correlation matrix for user-specified raster map layer(s).
r.crossCreates a cross product of the category values from multiple raster map layers.
r.kappaCalculates error matrix and kappa parameter for accuracy assessment of classification result.
r.modeFinds the mode of values in a cover map within areas assigned the same category value in a user-specified base map.
r.object.geometryCalculates geometry parameters for raster objects.
r.quantProduces the quantization file for a floating-point map.
r.reclass.areaReclasses a raster map greater or less than user specified area size (in hectares).
r.regression.lineCalculates linear regression from two raster maps: y = a + b*x.
r.regression.multiCalculates multiple linear regression from raster maps.
r.reportReports statistics for raster maps.
r.statisticsCalculates category or object oriented statistics.
r.statsGenerates area statistics for raster map.
r.stats.quantileCompute category quantiles using two passes.
r.stats.zonalCalculates category or object oriented statistics (accumulator-based statistics).
r.support.statsUpdate raster map statistics
r.univarCalculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells of a raster map.
r3.statsGenerates volume statistics for 3D raster maps.
r3.univarCalculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells of a 3D raster map.
t.rast.univarCalculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells for each registered raster map of a space time raster dataset.
t.rast3d.univarCalculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells for each registered 3D raster map of a space time 3D raster dataset.
t.vect.univarCalculates univariate statistics of attributes for each registered vector map of a space time vector dataset
v.db.univarCalculates univariate statistics on selected table column for a GRASS vector map.
v.kcvRandomly partition points into test/train sets.
v.normalTests for normality for vector points.
v.outlierRemoves outliers from vector point data.
v.qcountIndices for quadrat counts of vector point lists.
v.rast.statsCalculates univariate statistics from a raster map based on a vector map and uploads statistics to new attribute columns.
v.univarCalculates univariate statistics of vector map features.

See also the corresponding keyword statistics for additional references.

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