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topic_metadata.1grass - Man Page

Topic: metadata

r.describePrints terse list of category values found in a raster map layer.
r.infoOutputs basic information about a raster map.
r.regionSets the boundary definitions for a raster map.
r.supportAllows creation and/or modification of raster map layer support files.
r.timestampModifies a timestamp for a raster map.
r3.infoOutputs basic information about a user-specified 3D raster map layer.
r3.supportAllows creation and/or modification of 3D raster map layer support files.
r3.timestampModifies a timestamp for a 3D raster map.
t.infoLists information about space time datasets and maps.
t.selectSelect maps from space time datasets by topological relationships to other space time datasets using temporal algebra.
t.supportModifies the metadata of a space time dataset.
t.upgradeUpgrades the version of the temporal database.
v.infoOutputs basic information about a vector map.
v.supportUpdates vector map metadata.
v.timestampModifies a timestamp for a vector map.

See also the corresponding keyword metadata for additional references.

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