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Topic: map management

g.accessControls access to the current mapset for other users on the system.
g.copyCreates copies of maps and other elements
g.dirsepsInternal GRASS utility for converting directory separator characters.
g.filenamePrints GRASS data base file names.
g.findetcSearches for GRASS support files.
g.findfileSearches for GRASS data base files and sets variables for the shell.
g.listLists available GRASS data base files of the user-specified data type optionally using the search pattern.
g.removeRemoves data base element files from the user’s current mapset using the search pattern.
g.renameRenames data base element files in the user’s current mapset.
i.groupCreates, edits, and lists groups of imagery data.
i.targetTargets an imagery group to a GRASS location and mapset.
r.compressCompresses and decompresses raster maps.
r.nullManages NULL-values of given raster map.
r3.nullExplicitly create the 3D NULL-value bitmap file.
t.createCreates a space time dataset.
t.listLists space time datasets and maps registered in the temporal database.
t.rast.listLists registered maps of a space time raster dataset.
t.rast3d.listLists registered maps of a space time raster3d dataset.
t.registerAssigns timestamps and registers raster, vector and raster3d maps in a space time dataset.
t.removeRemoves space time datasets from temporal database.
t.renameRenames a space time dataset
t.unregisterUnregisters raster, vector and raster3d maps from the temporal database or a specific space time dataset.
t.vect.listLists registered maps of a space time vector dataset.

See also the corresponding keyword map management for additional references.

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