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Topic: attribute table

Note: see also the corresponding keyword attribute table for additional references.

db.columns List all columns for a given table.
db.connect Prints/sets general DB connection for current mapset.
db.copy Copy a table.
db.createdb Creates an empty database.
db.databases Lists all databases for a given driver and location.
db.describe Describes a table in detail.
db.dropcolumn Drops a column from selected attribute table.
db.dropdb Removes an existing database.
db.droptable Drops an attribute table.
db.execute Executes any SQL statement.
db.select Selects data from attribute table.
db.tables Lists all tables for a given database.
db.test Test database driver, database must exist and set by db.connect.
t.connect Prints/sets general temporal GIS database connection for current mapset.
t.vect.db.select Prints attributes of vector maps registered in a space time vector dataset.
v.db.addcolumn Adds one or more columns to the attribute table connected to a given vector map.
v.db.addtable Creates and connects a new attribute table to a given layer of an existing vector map.
v.db.connect Prints/sets DB connection for a vector map to attribute table.
v.db.dropcolumn Drops a column from the attribute table connected to a given vector map.
v.db.droprow Removes a vector feature from a vector map through attribute selection.
v.db.droptable Removes existing attribute table of a vector map.
v.db.join Joins a database table to a vector map table.
v.db.reconnect.all Reconnects attribute tables for all vector maps from the current mapset to a new database.
v.db.renamecolumn Renames a column in the attribute table connected to a given vector map.
v.db.select Prints vector map attributes.
v.db.update Updates a column in the attribute table connected to a vector map.
v.to.db Populates attribute values from vector features.
v.vect.stats Count points in areas, calculate statistics from point attributes.

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