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Topic: algebra

Note: see also the corresponding keyword algebra for additional references.

r.mapcalc Raster map calculator.
r.mfilter Performs raster map matrix filter.
r.neighbors Makes each cell category value a function of the category values assigned to the cells around it, and stores new cell values in an output raster map layer.
r.quantile Compute quantiles using two passes.
r.texture Generate images with textural features from a raster map.
r3.mapcalc Raster map calculator.
r3.neighbors Makes each voxel value a function of the values assigned to the voxels around it, and stores new voxel values in an output 3D raster map
t.rast.mapcalc Performs spatio-temporal mapcalc expressions on temporally sampled maps of space time raster datasets.
t.rast3d.mapcalc Performs r3.mapcalc expressions on maps of sampled space time 3D raster datasets.
v.neighbors Neighborhood analysis tool for vector point maps.

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