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topic_GUI.1grass - Man Page

Topic: GUI

g.gui.animationTool for animating a series of raster and vector maps or a space time raster or vector dataset.
g.gui.datacatalogTool for browsing, modifying and managing GRASS maps.
g.gui.dbmgrLaunches graphical attribute table manager.
g.gui.gcpGeorectifies a map and allows managing Ground Control Points.
g.gui.gmodelerGraphical Modeler.
g.guiLaunches a GRASS graphical user interface (GUI) session.
g.gui.iclassTool for supervised classification of imagery data.
g.gui.image2targetGeorectifies a map and allows managing Ground Control Points for 3D correction.
g.gui.mapswipeInteractively compares two maps by swiping a visibility bar.
g.gui.photo2imageCorrects scanning distortions of a paper photo.
g.gui.psmapTool for creating hardcopy map outputs.
g.gui.rdigitInteractive editing and digitizing of raster maps.
g.gui.rlisetupConfiguration tool for r.li modules.
g.gui.timelineAllows comparing temporal datasets by displaying their temporal extents in a plot.
g.gui.tplotPlots the values of temporal datasets.
g.gui.vdigitInteractive editing and digitization of vector maps.

See also the corresponding keyword GUI for additional references.

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