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toolbox-rm - Man Page

Remove one or more toolbox containers

Examples (TL;DR)


toolbox rm [--all | -a] [--force | -f] [CONTAINER...]


Removes one or more toolbox containers from the host. The container should have been created using the toolbox create command.

A toolbox container is an OCI container. Therefore, toolbox rm can be used interchangeably with podman rm.


The following options are understood:

--all,  -a
Remove all toolbox containers. It can be used in conjunction with --force as well.
--force,  -f
Force the removal of running and paused toolbox containers.


Remove a toolbox container named fedora-toolbox-gegl:36

$ toolbox rm fedora-toolbox-gegl:36

Remove all toolbox containers, but not those that are running or paused

$ toolbox rm --all

Remove all toolbox containers, including ones that are running or paused

$ toolbox rm --all --force

See Also

toolbox(1), podman(1), podman-rm(1)

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