toolbox-enter - Man Page

Enter a toolbox container for interactive use


toolbox enter [--container NAME | -c NAME]
             [--release RELEASE | -r RELEASE]


Spawns an interactive shell inside a toolbox container. The container should have been created using the toolbox create command. If there aren't any containers, toolbox enter will offer to create one for you. When invoked with the default parameters, and if there's only one container available, it will fall back to it, even if it doesn't match the default name.

A toolbox container is an OCI container. Therefore, toolbox enter is analogous to a podman start followed by a podman exec.

On Fedora the toolbox containers are tagged with the version of the OS that corresponds to the content inside them. Their names are prefixed with the name of the base image and suffixed with the current user name.


The following options are understood:


Enter a toolbox container with the given NAME. This is useful when there are multiple toolbox containers created from the same base image, or entirely customized containers created from custom-built base images.


Enter a toolbox container for a different operating system RELEASE than the host.


Enter a toolbox container using the default image matching the host OS

$ toolbox enter

Enter a toolbox container using the default image for Fedora 30

$ toolbox enter --release f30

Enter a custom toolbox container using a custom image

$ toolbox enter --container foo

See Also

buildah(1), podman(1), podman-exec(1), podman-start(1)

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