toolbox - Man Page

Unprivileged development environment


toolbox [--verbose | -v] COMMAND [ARGS]


Toolbox is a tool that offers a familiar RPM based environment for developing and debugging software that runs fully unprivileged using Podman.

The toolbox container is a fully mutable container; when you see yum install ansible for example, that's something you can do inside your toolbox container, without affecting the base operating system.

This is particularly useful on OSTree based Fedora systems like Silverblue. The intention of these systems is to discourage installation of software on the host, and instead install software as (or in) containers.

However this tool doesn't require using an OSTree based system — it works equally well if you're running e.g. existing Fedora Workstation or Server, and that's a useful way to incrementally adopt containerization.

The toolbox environment is based on an OCI image. On Fedora this is the fedora-toolbox image. This image is then customized for the current user to create a toolbox container that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the operating system.


The following options are understood:

--assumeyes,  -y
Automatically answer yes for all questions.
--help,  -h
Print a synopsis of this manual and exit.
--verbose,  -v
Print debug information including standard error stream of internal commands. Use -vv for more detail.


Commands for working with toolbox containers and images:


Create a new toolbox container.


Enter a toolbox container for interactive use.


Display help information about Toolbox.


Initialize a running container.


List existing toolbox containers and images.


Remove all local podman (and toolbox) state.


Remove one or more toolbox containers.


Remove one or more toolbox images.


Run a command in an existing toolbox container.

See Also

buildah(1), podman(1)

Referenced By

toolbox-help(1), toolbox-reset(1).