tmxrasterizer man page

tmxrasterizer — renders a tile map to an image


tmxrasterizer [Options] [INPUT FILE] [OUTPUT FILE]


This application can be used to render maps created by the Tiled Map Editor to an image. This is very helpful for creating small-scale previews, such as mini-maps.


-h --help
Displays the help
-v --version
Displays the version
-s --scale SIZE
The scale of the output image
-t --tilesize SIZE
The requested size in pixels at which a tile is rendered. Overrides the --scale option.
-a --anti-aliasing
Smooth the output image using anti-aliasing
Ignore all layer visibility flags in the map file and render all layers in the output (default is to omit invisible layers).

Specifies a layer to omit from the output image. Can be repeated to hide multiple layers. The layername is case insensitive.


tmxrasterizer --hide-layer collision --hide-layer otherlayer [...]


Vincent Petithory <>

See Also

tiled(1), tmxviewer(1),

Referenced By

tiled(1), tmxviewer(1).

April 2014