tldr - Man Page

Examples (TL;DR)


tldr — tldr 3.2.0

Python command line client for tldr

usage: tldr command [options]

Positional Arguments


command to lookup

Named Arguments

-v,  --version

show program's version number and exit


Search for a specific command from a query

-u,  --update_cache

Update the local cache of pages and exit

Default: False

-p,  --platform

Possible choices: linux, osx, sunos, windows, common

Override the operating system [linux, osx, sunos, windows, common]

-l,  --list

List all available commands for operating system

Default: False

-s,  --source

Override the default page source

Default: ""

-c,  --color

Override color stripping

-r,  --render

Render local markdown files

Default: False

-L,  --language

Override the default language

-m,  --markdown

Just print the plain page file.

Default: False


Possible choices: bash, zsh, tcsh

print shell completion script


Felix Yan


Jan 27, 2024