tkrzw_str_perf - Man Page

manual page for tkrzw_str_perf 0.9.3


tkrzw_str_perf: Performance checker of string utilities of Tkrzw


tkrzw_str_perf search [-i num] [-t num] [-p num] [-b]

: Checks search performance.

Options of the search subcommand

--iter num : The number of iterations. (default: 10000)

--threads num : The size of each text to search. (default: 10000)

--patterns num : The size of each pattern to search for. (default: 5)

--chars num : The number of character variations in the text and the pattern. (default: 26)

--whole num : The maximum number of results to get. 0 means the first only. (default: 0)

--batch num : The number of patterns in a batch. 0 menas no batching. (default: 0)


January 2021 tkrzw_str_perf 0.9.3