tkrzw_file_perf - Man Page

manual page for tkrzw_file_perf 0.9.7


tkrzw_file_perf: Performance checker of file implementations of Tkrzw


tkrzw_file_perf sequence [options] path

: Checks writing/reading performance in sequence.

tkrzw_file_perf wicked [options] path

: Checks consistency with various operations.

Common options

--file impl : The name of a file implementation: mmap-para, mmap-atom, pos-para, pos-atom. (default: mmap-para)

--iter num : The number of iterations. (default: 10000)

--size num : The size of each record. (default: 100)

--threads num : The number of threads. (default: 1)

--alloc_init num : The initial allocation size. (default: 1048576)

--alloc_inc num : The allocation increment factor. (default: 2.0)

--lock_memory num : The size to lock the memory of the beginning region. (default: 0)

Options for the sequence subcommand

--random : Uses random offsets rather than pre-defined ones.

--append : Uses appending offsets rather than pre-defined ones.

--write_only : Does only writing.

--read_only : Does only reading.


April 2021 tkrzw_file_perf 0.9.7