tipc-config man page

tipc-config — tipc configuration


tipc-config command [command ...]


The tipc-config tool provides numerous commands for configuring and monitoring a TIPC network. Certain commands are only available to users having network administrator privileges (eg. root) to prevent unauthorized users from reconfiguring the network.

Users can pass multiple commands to tipc-config in a single invocation. Commands are normally processed serially, from left to right; exceptions are the "-v", "-i", and "-dest" commands, which have an immediate effect on all commands in a command set. If tipc-config detects a failure while executing a set of commands, it exits without attempting any unprocessed commands.


This usage list
Interactive set operations
-l [=<domain>|<linkpat>]
Get links to domain
-log [=<size>]
Dump/resize log
-lp =<linkpat>|<bearer>|<media>/<value>
Set link priority
-ls [=<linkpat>]
Get link statistics
-lsr =<linkpat>
Reset link statistics
-lt =<linkpat>|<bearer>|<media>/<value>
Set link tolerance
-lw =<linkpat>|<bearer>|<media>/<value>
Set link window
Get media
-max_ports [=<value>]
Get/set max number of ports
-max_publ [=<value>]
Get/set max publications
-max_subscr [=<value>]
Get/set max subscriptions
-mng [=enable|disable]
Get/set remote management
-n [=<domain>]
Get nodes in domain
Get/set network id
-nt [=[<depth>,]<type>[,<low>[,<up>]]]
Get name table where <depth> = types|names|ports|all
Get port info
Get TIPC status info
Verbose output
Get tipc-config version info


Set up TIPC with network id 1234 and address 1.1.8 on eth0
tipc-config -netid=1234 -a=1.1.8 -be=eth:eth0

Display the name table
tipc-config -nt

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Written by erik.hugne@ericsson.com

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