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timew-track - Man Page

add intervals to the database


timew track <range> [<tag>...]


The track command is used to add tracked time in the past. Perhaps you forgot to record time, or are just filling in old entries.


For example:

$ timew track :yesterday 'Training Course'
$ timew track 9am - 11am 'Staff Meeting'

Note that the track command expects a closed interval (start and end time), when recording. If a closed interval is not provided, the 'track' command behaves the same as the 'start' command.

See Also

timew-cancel(1), timew-continue(1), timew-start(1), timew-stop(1)

Referenced By

timew(1), timew-cancel(1), timew-continue(1), timew-start(1), timew-stop(1).

2024-01-27 timew 1.7.0 User Manuals