timew-summary - Man Page

display a time-tracking summary


timew summary [<range>] [<tag>...]


Displays a report summarizing tracked and untracked time for the current day by default. Accepts date ranges and tags for filtering, or shortcut hints:

$ timew summary monday - today
$ timew summary :week
$ timew summary :month

The ':ids' hint adds an 'ID' column to the summary report output for interval modification.



Determines whether relevant holidays are shown beneath the report. Default value is 'yes'.

See Also

timew-day(1), timew-lengthen(1), timew-modify(1), timew-month(1), timew-shorten(1), timew-tag(1), timew-untag(1), timew-week(1)

Referenced By

timew(1), timew-chart(1), timew-gaps(1), timew-lengthen(1), timew-modify(1), timew-move(1), timew-resize(1), timew-shorten(1), timew-tag(1), timew-untag(1).

2021-05-16 timew 1.4.3 User Manuals