timew-start - Man Page

start time tracking


timew start [<date>] [<tag>...]


Begins tracking using the current time with any specified set of tags. If a tag contains multiple words, therefore containing spaces, use quotes to surround the whole tag.


For example, this command specifies two tags ('weekend' and 'Home & Garden'), the second of which requires quotes.

$ timew start weekend 'Home & Garden'

An optional date may be specified to indicate the intended start of the tracked time:

$ timew start 8am weekend 'Home & Garden'

If there is a previous open interval, it will be closed at the given start time.

Quotes are harmless if used unnecessarily.

See Also

timew-cancel(1), timew-continue(1), timew-stop(1), timew-track(1)

Referenced By

timew(1), timew-cancel(1), timew-continue(1), timew-stop(1), timew-track(1).

2021-05-16 timew 1.4.3 User Manuals