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timew-retag - Man Page

replace all tags in intervals


timew retag [<id>...] <tag>...


The 'retag' command is used to replace all tags in an interval with the newly provided tags. Using the 'summary' command, and specifying the ':ids' hint shows interval IDs. Using the right ID, you can identify an interval to retag.


For example, show the IDs:

$ timew summary :week :ids

Then having selected '@2' as the interval you wish to retag:

$ timew retag @2 'New Tag'

Note that you can retag multiple intervals, with multiple tags:

$ timew retag @2 @10 @23 'Tag One' tag2 tag3

If there is active time tracking, you can omit the ID when you want to retag the current open interval:

$ timew start foo
$ timew retag bar

This results in the current interval having only the 'bar' tag.

See Also

timew-lengthen(1), timew-shorten(1), timew-summary(1), timew-tag(1), timew-untag(1)

Referenced By

timew(1), timew-tag(1), timew-untag(1).

2024-01-27 timew 1.7.0 User Manuals