tilestache-render - Man Page

render tiles from tilestache


tilestache-render [options] coordinates...


This manual page documents briefly the tilestache-render command.

tilestache-render is used to render tiles from TileStache.
Each coordinate in the argument list should look like "12/656/1582.png", similar to URL paths in web server usage. Coordinates are processed in order, each one rendered to an image file in a temporary location and output to stdout.

Required Options

-c,  --config file

Path to configuration file.

-l,  --layer layer

Layer name from configuration.


-h,  --help
Show summary of options.

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TileStache was written by Michal Migurski <mike@stamen.com>.

This manual page was written by David Paleino <dapal@debian.org>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

Referenced By

tilestache-seed(1), tilestache-server(1).

Nov 10, 2010