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tiget - Man Page

retrieve files from a graphing calculator


tiget [ options ] [ variable-pattern ... | --backup ]


tiget retrieves variable and/or program files from a connected TI graphing calculator.

For newer calculators, you can specify a list of variable patterns (such as `FOO.8xp', `*.83l', or simply `*' to download all files from the calculator.)  (Remember that if you use wildcards, you must enclose the pattern in quotes so that the shell will not try to interpret the pattern itself.)

For older calculators (the TI-82 and TI-85), you must instead select the files to be transferred on the calculator itself.  Run tiget -m model (without listing any patterns), then send the desired files using the calculator's LINK menu.

By default, the retrieved variables will be saved as separate files in the current directory, in TI Graph Link format.  Use the -o option to save the files as a single group file or TIG (ZIP) archive.

Program Options

-b,  --backup

Receive a full memory backup from the calculator (only supported for non-Flash calculator models.)  You must also specify -o.

-o,  --output=filename

Write all output to filename.  If filename ends in `.tig', write output as a TIG archive.  Otherwise, write output as either a TI Graph Link group file (.XXg), Flash application file (.XXk), or backup file (.XXb).  Note that group files cannot contain Flash applications and are limited to a maximum total size of 64 kilobytes; TIG files do not have these limitations.

Other Options

-v,  --verbose

Print out details of link operations.


Print out program version information.


Print out program version information.

Environment Variables


Default link cable to use, if the -c option is not specified.


Default calculator model to use, if the -m option is not specified.


Default timeout value in milliseconds.

See Also

tiinfo(1), tikey(1), tils(1), tiput(1), tirm(1), tiscr(1)


Benjamin Moody <floppusmaximus@users.sf.net>

Referenced By

tiinfo(1), tikey(1), tils(1), tiput(1), tirm(1), tiscr(1).

August 2010 TITools 0.1