tiff2jp2 - Man Page

tiff2jp2 – convert TIFF to JPEG 2000


tiff2jp2 [--capture-resolution VRESC HRESC] [--display-resolution VRESD HRESD] [--cratio CRATIO [CRATIO ...]] [--psnr PSNR [PSNR ...]] [--codeblocksize cblkh cblkw] [--numres NUMRES] [--prog {lrcp,rlcp,rpcl,prcl,cprl}] [--irreversible] [--eph] [--plt] [--sop] [--create-exif-uuid] [--create-xmp-uuid] [--include-icc-profile] [--exclude-tags [EXCLUDE_TAGS ...]] [--tilesize NROWS NCOLS] [--num-threads NUM_THREADS] [--help] [--verbosity {critical,error,warning,info,debug}] tifffile jp2kfile


Normally you should at least provide the --tilesize argument. Even if the TIFF is tiled, tiff2jp2(1) will NOT automatically use the TIFF tile dimensions.


Show a help message and exit.

--verbosity {critical,error,warning,info,debug}

Logging level, one of “critical”, “error”, “warning”, “info”, or “debug”. (default: warning)


Pass-through arguments to Jp2k.

--capture-resolution VRESC HRESC

Capture resolution parameters (default: None)

--display-resolution VRESD HRESD

Display resolution parameters (default: None)

--cratio CRATIO [CRATIO ...]

Compression ratio for successive layers. (default: None)

--psnr PSNR [PSNR ...]

PSNR for successive layers. (default: None)

--codeblocksize cblkh cblkw

Codeblock size. (default: None)

--numres NUMRES

Number of decomposition levels. (default: 6)

--prog {lrcp,rlcp,rpcl,prcl,cprl}

Progression order. (default: lrcp)


Use irreversible 9x7 transform. (default: False)


Generate EPH markers. (default: False)


Generate PLT markers. (default: False)


Generate SOP markers. (default: False)

--num-threads NUM_THREADS

Use this many threads/cores. (default: 1)


Arguments specific to conversion of TIFF imagery.


Create Exif UUID box from TIFF metadata. (default: True)


Extract XMLPacket tag value from TIFF IFD and store in XMP UUID box. This will exclude the XMLPacket tag from the Exif UUID box. (default: True)


If specified, subsume any ICC profile (tag 34675) from the TIFF IFD into the colour specification box.

--exclude-tags [EXCLUDE_TAGS ...]

Exclude TIFF tag(s) from EXIF UUID. This option may be specified as tag numbers or names. (default: None)

--tilesize NROWS NCOLS

Dimensions of JP2K tile. If not provided, the JPEG2000 image will be written as a single tile. (default: None)


Input TIFF file.


Output JPEG 2000 file.

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