thermostat man page

thermostat — A monitoring and serviceability tool for OpenJDK


thermostat [ global_options ] command [ command_options ] [ command_arguments ]
thermostat help
thermostat help command


Thermostat is an instrumentation tool for the Hotspot JVM, with support for monitoring multiple JVM instances on multiple hosts, optionally in a cloud environment. The name Thermostat is intended as a play on words: Thermostat is to Hotspot much as IcedTea is to Java.
Some goals of Thermostat are:

We want a tool that allows users of IcedTea/OpenJDK to monitor running JVMs, especially remote JVMs.
Both high level (uptime, cpu and memory usage) and low level (including hotspot's perf data) information should be available through the tool.
The tool should be usable in a production environment, with minimal overhead.


Global Options

--print-osgi-info Print debug information related to the OSGi framework's
boot/shutdown process.
Ignore exact bundle versions and use whatever version is
--boot-delegation Boot delegation string passed on to the OSGi framework.
Defaults to

Command Options and Command Arguments

Please see thermostat help command for options and arguments for a command.

Quick Start

For new users and users looking to monitor JVMs only on the local machine, simply run the "thermostat local command" to get started.

Command Overview

thermostat help

show help for a given command or help overview

thermostat local

start a self contained instance of service/web-storage-service and the GUI client

thermostat storage <--start|--stop|--status> [--dryRun] [-q] [-l <level>]

control Thermostat mongodb storage

thermostat agent [-d <url>] [-s] [-l <level>]

starts the Thermostat agent

thermostat gui [-l <level>]

starts the graphical user interface client

thermostat shell

starts the Thermostat interactive shell

thermostat web-storage-service

starts mongodb storage, an embedded servlet container and an agent

Command Reference

Please see "thermostat help command" for detailed options and arguments of each command. "thermostat help", without a specific command argument, lists all available commands.


System configuration for mongodb storage
User specific configuration for mongodb storage. Overrides system configuration.
System configuration for agent
User specific configuration for agent. Overrides system configuration.
User specific storage connection credentials configuration for agent.
System configuration for TLS
User specific configuration for TLS.


If you think you've found a bug in thermostat please make sure that it really is a bug, and that it appears in the latest version of thermostat. The latest version is always available from You can file thermostat bugs at:

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