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TeX to ascii math prettyprinter


tex2mail [-linelength= length] [-maxdef= number] [-debug= number] [-by_par= number] [-TeX] [-ragged] [-noindent]


Filter converting TeX or LaTeX math formulae to ASCII art. tex2mail is used by the PARI-GP calculator for output method external prettyprint . Under gp, prettyprint mode can be set by default(output, 3) (or \o3). By default, this switches gp main output to TeX format, filtered by

Flags passed to tex2mail can be modified via the prettyprinter default in gp.


The following command line options are available:


Wrap text at this column.


definition loops: croak if more than maxdef substitutions in a given paragraph.


output debugging messages.


Expect each paragraph to be terminated by *exactly* 2 "\n", and do not print an extra "\n" between paragraphs.


Assume input formulae are in plain TeX format.


leave right ragged.


assume \noindent everywhere.


% at the end of a line followed by \n\n is recognized as end of paragraph


Ilya Zakharevitch

See Also

gp(1), tex(1),


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26 March 2001