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manual page for testusdview 23.05


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[-h] [--renderer {}] [--select PRIMPATH] [--camera CAMERA] [--mask PRIMPATH[,PRIMPATH...]] [--clearsettings] [--config {}] [--defaultsettings] [--norender] [--noplugins] [--unloaded] [--timing] [--traceToFile TRACETOFILE] [--traceFormat {chrome,trace}] [--tracePython] [--memstats {none,stage,stageAndImaging}] [--numThreads NUMTHREADS] [--ff FIRSTFRAME] [--lf LASTFRAME] [--cf CURRENTFRAME] [--complexity {low,medium,high,veryhigh}] [--quitAfterStartup] [--sessionLayer SESSIONLAYER] [--mute MUTELAYERSRE] [--detachLayers] [--detachLayersInclude PATTERN[,PATTERN...]] [--detachLayersExclude PATTERN[,PATTERN,...]] --testScript TESTSCRIPT usdFile

View a usd file

positional arguments


The file to view


-h, ā€‰--help

show this help message and exit

--renderer {}, -r {}

Which render backend to use (named as it appears in the menu).

--select PRIMPATH

A prim path to initially select and frame

--camera CAMERA, -cam CAMERA

Which camera to set the view to on open - may be given as either just the camera's prim name (ie, just the last element in the prim path), or as a full prim path. Note that if only the prim name is used, and more than one camera exists with the name, which is used will be effectively random (default=main_cam)


Limit stage population to these prims, their descendants and ancestors. To specify multiple paths, either use commas with no spaces or quote the argument and separate paths by commas and/or spaces.


Restores usdview settings to default

--config {}

Load usdview with the state settings found in the specified config. If not provided will use the previously saved application state and automatically persist state on close


Launch usdview with default settings


Display only hierarchy browser


Do not load plugins


Do not load payloads


Echo timing stats to console. NOTE: timings will be unreliable when the --memstats option is also in use


Start tracing at application startup and write --traceFormat specified format output to the specified trace file when the application quits

--traceFormat {chrome,trace}

Output format for trace file specified by --traceToFile. 'chrome' files can be read in chrome, 'trace' files are simple text reports. (default=chrome)


Enable python trace collection, requires --traceToFile to be set.

--memstats {none,stage,stageAndImaging}

Use the Pxr MallocTags memory accounting system to profile USD, saving results to a tmp file, with a summary to the console. Will have no effect if MallocTags are not supported in the USD installation.

--numThreads NUMTHREADS

Number of threads used for processing(0 is max, negative numbers imply max - N)


Set the first frame of the viewer


Set the last frame of the viewer


Set the current frame of the viewer

--complexity {low,medium,high,veryhigh}, -c {low,medium,high,veryhigh}

Set the initial mesh refinement complexity (low).


quit immediately after start up

--sessionLayer SESSIONLAYER

If specified, the stage will be opened with the 'sessionLayer' in place of the default anonymous layer. As this changes the session layer from anonymous to persistent, be aware that layers saved from Export Overrides will include the opinions in the persistent session layer.


Layer identifiers searched against this regular expression will be muted on the stage prior to, and after loading. Multiple expressions can be supplied using the | regex separator operator. Alternatively the argument may be used multiple times.

--testScript TESTSCRIPT

The test script to run after loading. This script must expect to take a single

Detached Layers

Specify layers to be detached from their serialized data source when loaded. This may increase time to load and memory usage but will avoid issues like open file handles preventing other processes from safely overwriting a loaded layer.


Detach all layers

--detachLayersInclude PATTERN[,PATTERN...]

Detach layers with identifiers containing any of the given patterns.

--detachLayersExclude PATTERN[,PATTERN,...]

Exclude layers with identifiers containing any of the given patterns from the set of detached layers specified by the --detachLayers or --detachLayerIncludes arguments.


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