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testshade_dso - Man Page

Test Open Shading Language


testshade [options] shader...


testshade -- Test Open Shading Language Copyright Contributors to the Open Shading Language project.


Print help message


Verbose messages


Set thread count (default = 0: auto-detect #cores)


Use OptiX if available


Lots of debugging info


Even more debugging info


Turn on LLVM debugging info


Print run statistics


Submit batches to ShadingSystem


populate Dx(P) & Dy(P) with varying values (vs. uniform)


populate Dx(u) & Dy(u) with varying values (vs. uniform)


populate Dx(v) & Dy(v) with varying values (vs. uniform)


Print profile information


Save the generated PTX (OptiX mode only)


Perform a warmup launch


Set resolution

--options LIST

Set extra OSL options

--texoptions LIST

Set extra TextureSystem options

--colorspace NAME

Set ShadingSysem colorspace


Specify an output (filename='null' means don't save)


Set the output data format to one of: uint8, half, float


Print values of all -o outputs to console instead of saving images

--groupname %s

Set shader group name

--layer NAME

Set next layer name

--param NAME VALUE

Add a parameter (options: type=%s, interpolated=%d)


Declare a shader node


Connect two shader layers


Change a parameter (options: type=%s)

--group CMD

Specify a full group command

--archivegroup FILENAME

Archive the group to a given filename

--raytype %s

Set the raytype


Specify ray type mask for optimization

--iters ITERS

Number of iterations


Do no runtime shader optimization


Do a little runtime shader optimization


Do lots of runtime shader optimization

--llvm_opt LEVEL

LLVM JIT optimization level


Disable function inlining when compiling for OptiX


Disable inlining the group layer functions when compiling for OptiX


Disable merging group layer functions with only one caller when compiling for OptiX


Disable inlining the rend_lib functions when compiling for OptiX


Don't pass LLVM bitcode for the rend_lib functions to the ShadingSystem

--optix_no_inline_thresh THRESH

Don't inline functions larger than the threshold when compiling for OptiX

--optix_force_inline_thresh THRESH

Force inline functions smaller than the threshold when compiling for OptiX


Register functions that should or should not be inlined during LLVM optimization


Add layer to the list of entry points

--entryoutput NAME

Add output symbol to the list of entry points


Shade at output pixel 'centers' rather than corners


Turn on 'debug_nan' mode


Turn on 'debug_uninit' mode


Specify group outputs, not global outputs


Test OSLQuery at runtime


Print groupdata size to stdout


Compile osl source from and to jbuffer


Turn off use of output placement, rely only on get_symbol


Use shade_image utility


Don't use shade_image utility

--expr EXPR

Specify an OSL expression to evaluate


Offset s & t texture coordinates (default: 0 0)


Scale s & t texture lookups (default: 1, 1)

--userdata NAME VALUE

Add userdata (options: type=%s)


Consider interpolated=1 to be isconnected()

--locale NAME

Set a different locale


Use free function bitcode Renderer services

--jbufferMB JBUFFER

journal jbuffer size in MB

Open Shading Language

Build deps: LLVM-18.1.7, OpenImageIO-, Imath-3.2.4, Cuda-NONE, OptiX-NONE Build HW support: sse2 Runtime HW: 48 cores, 125.8GB, sse2, sse3, ssse3, sse41, sse42, avx, avx2, fma, f16c, popcnt, rdrand

ShadingSystem Options

optimize=2 llvm_optimize=1 debug=0 profile=0 llvm_debug=0 llvm_debug_layers=0 llvm_debug_ops=0 llvm_target_host=1 llvm_output_bitcode=0 llvm_dumpasm=0 llvm_prune_ir_strategy= lazylayers=true lazyglobals=true lazyunconnected=true lazyerror=true lazy_userdata=false userdata_isconnected=false clearmemory=false debugnan=false debug_uninit=false lockgeom_default=true strict_messages=true error_repeats=false range_checking=true greedyjit=false countlayerexecs=false opt_simplify_param=true opt_constant_fold=true opt_stale_assign=true opt_elide_useless_ops=true opt_elide_unconnected_outputs=true opt_peephole=true opt_coalesce_temps=true opt_assign=true opt_mix=true opt_merge_instances= opt_merge_instances_with_userdata=true opt_fold_getattribute=true opt_middleman=true opt_texture_handle=true opt_seed_bblock_aliases=true opt_batched_analysis=false llvm_jit_fma=false llvm_jit_aggressive=false vector_width=4 opt_passes=10 no_noise=false no_pointcloud=false force_derivs=false allow_shader_replacement=false exec_repeat=1 opt_warnings=0 gpu_opt_error=0 optix_no_inline=false optix_no_inline_layer_funcs=false optix_merge_layer_funcs=true optix_no_inline_rend_lib=false optix_no_inline_thresh=100000 optix_force_inline_thresh=0

OSL ShadingSystem statistics (0x562123ebd0b0)

No shaders requested or loaded


June 2024 testshade_dso