teredo-mire man page

teredo-mire — Stateless Teredo IPv6 responder


Teredo-Mire is a test back-end for the Teredo IPv6 tunneling protocol. It listens for requests from other Teredo clients or IPv6 nodes (through Teredo relays) and answers to them statelessly. Currently only ICMPv6 Echo Requests ("pings") are handled.


-h or --help
Display some help and exit.
-V or --version
Display program version and exit.


To contact a teredo-mire responder, a valid Teredo IPv6 address must be determined for it. The server IPv4 address and mapped client IPv4 address parts should both represent the IPv4 address of the host running teredo-mire. The mapped UDP port number must be 3545. The Teredo prefix and Teredo flags are ignored.


teredo-mire uses UDP ports 3544 and 3545, and assumes it has a public IPv4 address.

Neither RFC 2460 nor RFC 4380 are properly implemented.


teredo-mire does not require any priviledge to run.

See Also

ping6(8), miredo(8), ipv6(7)


Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab dot net>



February 2008 miredo User Commands