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tend-ellipse - Man Page

generate postscript renderings of 2D glyphs


tend ellipse [-ctr <conf thresh>] [-gsc <scale>] [-dot <radius>] [-wid <width>] [-inv] [-min <minX minY>] [-max <maxX maxY>] [-i <nin>] [-p <pos array>] [-s <stn array>] [-o <nout>]


Generate postscript renderings of 2D glyphs. Not much to look at here.


-ctr <conf thresh>

Glyphs will be drawn only for tensors with confidence values greater than this threshold (float); default: “0.5

-gsc <scale>

over-all glyph size (float); default: “1

-dot <radius>

radius of little dot to put in middle of ellipse, or “0” for no such dot (float); default: “0.0

-wid <width>

width of lines for tractlets (float); default: “0.0


use white ellipses on black background, instead of reverse

-min <minX minY>

when using “-p”, minimum corner (2 floats); default: “-1 -1

-max <maxX maxY>

when using “-p”, maximum corner (2 floats); default: “1 1

-i <nin>

image of 2D tensors; default: “-

-p <pos array>

Instead of being on a grid, tensors are at arbitrary locations, as defined by this 2-by-N array of floats); default: “”

-s <stn array>

Locations given by “-p” have this connectivity; default: “”

-o <nout>

output PostScript file (string) default: “-

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April 2021