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tend-bmat - Man Page

calculate B-matrix given gradient directions


tend bmat -i <grads> [-o <nout>]


Calculate B-matrix given gradient directions, assuming no diffusion weighting from the other imaging gradients. The input is a 3-by-N array of floats or doubles, each row being one of the gradient directions used for diffusion-weighted imaging. A plain text file with one gradient per line, no punctuation, is an easy way to specify this information. The gradient vector coefficients are used as is, without normalization (since different gradient strengths are sometimes desired). The output has one row of the B-matrix per line, with coefficient ordering Bxx, Bxy, Bxz, Byy, Byz, Bzz, and with the off-diagonal elements NOT pre-multiplied by 2.


-i <grads>

array of gradient directions

-o <nout>

output B matrix (string) default: “-

See Also

tend(1), tend-estim(1), tend-msim(1), tend-sim(1)

Referenced By

tend(1), tend-estim(1), tend-msim(1), tend-sim(1).

April 2021