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tend-anscale - Man Page

scale the anisotropic component of the tensors


tend anscale -s <scale> [-fd] [-mp] [-i <nin>] [-o <nout>]


Scale the anisotropic component of the tensors. This maintains the isotropic component of the tensor, and fixes either the trace or determinant, while scaling up (or down) the “deviatoric” component of the tensor. Good for exaggerating the shape of nearly isotropic tensors.


-s <scale>

Amount by which to scale deviatoric component of tensor. (float)


instead of fixing the per-sample trace (the default), fix the determinant (ellipsoid volume)


after changing the eigenvalues of the tensor, enforce their non-negative-ness. By default, no such constraint is imposed.

-i <nin>

input diffusion tensor volume; default: “-

-o <nout>

output image (floating point) (string) default: “-

See Also


Referenced By

tend(1), tend-evaladd(1), tend-evalclamp(1).

April 2021