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tend-anplot - Man Page

graph anisotropy metric in barycentric coords


tend anplot [-r <res>] [-w] [-hflip] [-nan] -a <aniso> [-o <nout>]


Graph anisotropy metric in barycentric coordinates. The metrics all vary from 0.0 to 1.0, and will be sampled in the lower right half of the image. The plane on which they are sampled is a surface of constant trace. You may want to use

unu resample -s = x0.57735 -k tent

to transform the triangle into a 30-60-90 triangle, and

ilk -t 1,-0.5,0,0,0.866,0 -k tent -0 u:0,1 -b pad -bg 0

(possibly followed by teem/src/limntest/triimg) to transform the domain into an equilateral triangle.


-res <res>

resolution of anisotropy plot (int); default: “256


sample the whole triangle of constant trace, instead of just the sixth of it in which the eigenvalues have the traditional sorted order.


flip the two bottom corners (swapping the place of linear and planar)


set the pixel values outside the triangle to be NaN, instead of 0

-a <aniso>

Which anisotropy metric to plot. All the Westin metrics come in two versions. Currently supported:

  • cl1”, “cl2”: Westin’s linear
  • cp1”, “cp2”: Westin’s planar
  • ca1”, “ca2”: Westin’s linear + planar
  • cs1”, “cs2”: Westin’s spherical
  • ct1”, “ct2”: GK’s anisotropy type (cp/ca)
  • ra”: Basser/Pierpaoli relative anisotropy/sqrt(2)
  • fa”: Basser/Pierpaoli fractional anisotropy
  • vf”: volume fraction = 1-(Basser/Pierpaoli volume ratio)
  • tr”: trace
-o <nout>

output image (floating point) (string) default: “-

See Also

tend(1), ilk(1), unu-resample(1)

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April 2021