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tend-anhist - Man Page

generate barycentric histograms of anisotropy


tend anhist [-v <westin version>] [-w <nweight>] -r <res> [-right] [-i <nin>] [-o <nout>]


Generate barycentric histograms of anisotropy. The barycentric space used is either one of Westin’s triple of spherical, linear, and planar anisotropy. The bin counts in the histogram are weighted by the confidence value.


-v <westin version>

Which version of Westin’s anisotropy metric triple to use, either “1” or “2” (int); default: “1

-w <nweight>

how to weigh contributions to histogram. By default (not using this option), the increment is one bin count per sample, but by giving a nrrd, the value in the nrrd at the corresponding location will be the bin count increment; default: “”

-r <res>

resolution of anisotropy plot (int)


sample a right-triangle-shaped region, instead of a roughly equilateral triangle.

-i <nin>

input diffusion tensor volume; default: “-

-o <nout>

output image (floating point) (string) default: “-

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April 2021