telescope - Man Page

Telescope mount position control


telescope [options] [set | get] [commands]


The options are as follows:



(specify nothing, one or more option)


 print Right Ascension in degrees


print Declination in degrees


  print Azimuth (180 deg = sud)


  print Altitude


 print Hour Angle


 print Julian date


 sychronisation,(1=values are probably correct)


 print status of moving telescope


RA and Dec velocities in format current/max


(every option needs additional argument(s))


RA Dec set the Equatorial coordinates in degrees


HA Dec set the Equatorial coordinates (I. kind) in degrees


RA Dec calibrate Equatorial the coordinates in degrees


[ddd.d..] add value (may be negative) to R.A. in degrees


[ddd.d..] add value (may be negative) to Dec in degrees


[+|-] for continue slew without endpoint


[+|-] for continue slew without endpoint


! stop slew in Right Ascension


! stop slew in Declination


 set velocity of Right Ascension in degrees per second


set velocity of Declination in degress per seconds


set velocity of the hour clock


on   start the hour clock


off  stop the hour clock



address[:port] hostname of server, default to local


don't print telescope status during setting of telescope


 show progress indicator (on new line)


print this info

Setting of environment variable TELESCOPE_HOST is equivalent to -host option.

Reporting Bugs


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See Also

nightview(1). See the /usr/share/doc/nightview-doc directory for description. Homepage:


This manual page was written by F. Hroch <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


January 2021 Telescope mount position control