techne-browser man page

techne-browser — A simple web browser for use with Techne.


techne-browser [--geometry spec --name name --class class] [url]


Techne-browser is a simple WebKit based browser for use with Techne's http interface.  It's main advantages are that it is distributed with Techne and hence always available and that it doesn't take up precious screen real-estate with useless menus, toolbars and the like.  It also looks nicer in a minimalistic sort of way.


--geometry spec

Specify the preferred size and position of the browser window. See X(1) for the syntax of the geometry specification.

--name name --class class

Specify the application window's WM_CLASS property.  This options helps the window manager identify which application name and icon to use for this window.  Usually if the application's name is Foo and there is a foo.desktop file installed the name should be set to `foo' and class to `Foo'.


Please report any bugs you find on the techne-devel mailing list or use the bug tracker in Techne's project page <>.


Dimitris Papavasiliou <dpapavas at gmail dot com>

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