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tcpcapinfo - Man Page

Pcap file dissector for debugging broken pcap files


tcpcapinfo [-flags] [-flag [value]] [--option-name[[=| ]value]] <pcap_file(s)>

tcpcapinfo is a tool for decoding the structure of a pcap(3) file with a focus on finding broken pcap files and determining how two related pcap files might differ.


tcpcapinfo will first print out the pcap_file_header_t in human readable form followed by a per-packet summary including the pcap_pkthdr_t and simple checksum value of the packet.


-d number, --dbug=number

Enable debugging output. This option may appear up to 1 times. This option takes an integer number as its argument. The value of number is constrained to being:

in the range  0 through 5

The default number for this option is:


If configured with --enable-debug, then you can specify a verbosity  level for debugging output.  Higher numbers increase verbosity.

-V,  --version

Print version information.

-H,  --help

Display usage information and exit.

-!,  --more-help

Pass the extended usage information through a pager.

Exit Status

One of the following exit values will be returned:


Successful program execution.


The operation failed or the command syntax was not valid.


libopts had an internal operational error.  Please report it to autogen-users@lists.sourceforge.net.  Thank you.


Copyright 2000-2012 Aaron Turner Copyright 2013 Fred Klassen - AppNeta For support please use the tcpreplay-users@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list. The latest version of this software is always available from: http://tcpreplay.appneta.com/


Please send bug reports to: tcpreplay-users@lists.sourceforge.net


This manual page was AutoGen-erated from the tcpcapinfo option definitions.


11 Jun 2023 Tcpreplay Suite