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tblgen-11 - Man Page

Target Description To C++ Code Generator


tblgen [options] [filename]


tblgen translates from target description (.td) files into C++ code that can be included in the definition of an LLVM target library.  Most users of LLVM will not need to use this program.  It is only for assisting with writing an LLVM target backend.

The input and output of tblgen is beyond the scope of this short introduction; please see the introduction to TableGen.

The filename argument specifies the name of a Target Description (.td) file to read as input.



Print a summary of command line options.

-o filename

Specify the output file name.  If filename is -, then tblgen sends its output to standard output.

-I directory

Specify where to find other target description files for inclusion.  The directory value should be a full or partial path to a directory that contains target description files.

-asmparsernum N

Make -gen-asm-parser emit assembly writer number N.

-asmwriternum N

Make -gen-asm-writer emit assembly writer number N.

-class className

Print the enumeration list for this class.


Print all records to standard output (default).


Print a JSON representation of all records, suitable for further automated processing.


Print enumeration values for a class.


Print expanded sets for testing DAG exprs.


Generate machine code emitter.


Generate registers and register classes info.


Generate instruction descriptions.


Generate the assembly writer.


Generate disassembler.


Generate pseudo instruction lowering.


Generate a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) instruction selector.


Generate assembly instruction matcher.


Generate DFA Packetizer for VLIW targets.


Generate a "fast" instruction selector.


Generate subtarget enumerations.


Generate intrinsic enums.


Generate intrinsic implementation.


Generate target intrinsic information.


Generate enhanced disassembly info.


Generate llvm-exegesis tables.


Show the version number of this program.

Exit Status

If tblgen succeeds, it will exit with 0.  Otherwise, if an error occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value.


Maintained by the LLVM Team (https://llvm.org/).


2024-01-25 11 LLVM