targetd_lsmplugin man page

targetd_lsmplugin -- libStorageMgmt targetd plugin


LibStorageMgmt targetd plugin allows user to manage storage using the targetd storage API [1]. The 'targetd_lsmplugin' executable file is for libStorageMgmt daemon to execute when client user specifies targetd plugin in the URI.


To use this plugin, users should set their URI to this format:

    # HTTP connection
    targetd://<username>@<targetd_server>:<port number>

    # HTTPS connection
    targetd+ssl://<username>@<targetd_server>:<port number>

The username is the user account configured in targetd configuration file.


The targetd_server is the IP address or DNS name of server running targetd daemon.

port number

The port number is the listening port of the targetd daemon.  The default port of 18700 is used if none is supplied on the URI.

URI parameters

No additional URI parameters are supported by this plugin.

Supported Software

Linux targetd 0.7.1 or later version. Detailed support status can be queried via:

* lsm.Client.capabilities()  (Python API)
* lsm_capabilities()         (C API)
* lsmcli capabilities        (lsmcli command line).

Firewall Rules

By default, this plugin requires access to the targetd server's TCP 18700 port.

See Also

lsmcli(1), lsmd(1), [1]


Please report bugs to <>


Gris Ge <>
Tony Asleson <>


June 2015 targetd_lsmplugin 1.4.0 libStorageMgmt