tarantool - Man Page

a Lua application server and a database management system


    tarantool [OPTIONS] [SCRIPT [ARGS]]


Tarantool is a Lua application server fully compatible with Lua 5.1.

It includes a mature database to persist, replicate and recover application state and a curated set of Lua modules for networking, I/O, messaging, data formats and more.

It is designed to let developers quickly create efficient, reliable and powerful micro-services and backend applications for the Internet.

Key features:


You can use these options before (or instead of) the interpreted 'SCRIPT' name:

-h,  --help

Display the help screen and exit.

-V,  -v,  --version

Print the program version and exit.


Execute the string 'EXPR'.


Require the library 'NAME'.


Enter the interactive mode after executing 'SCRIPT'.


Stop handling options.


Execute stdin and stop handling options.

See Also

tarantoolctl(1), Tarantool documentation at http://tarantool.org

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2024-01-31 --name=tarantool Lua application server and database management system