tap2junit - Man Page

Converts TAP output to JUnit


  tap2junit [options] <filename> <filename> ...

    --suffix <suffix>   Suffix for JUnit output files (default ".xml")
    --verbose           Display verbose status during conversion
    --name <name>       Provide explicit name for the JUnit test
    --help/-?           Display brief help message
    --man               Display full documentation


tap2junit converts TAP output to JUnit.

Give it a list of files containing TAP results and it will create a series of ????.junit.xml output files containing the JUnit representations of that TAP contained in the files.

If you specify - as the filename, tap2junit will read from STDIN and write to STDOUT.  You may also want to use the --name option to name the test explicitly (as the default name of "-" isn't going to make much sense).


--suffix <suffix>

Specifies the suffix which is appended to all of the input files, in order to generate the filename for the JUnit XML file that is being output.

If you want to live dangerously and over-write your original TAP files, you can set this to "" and your original TAP files will be over-written.

Defaults to .xml


Display verbose status information during the conversion (telling you which TAP file its working on).

--name <name>

Specifies an explicit name for the JUnit test.  If no name is provided, a default name will be constructed based on the full path of the TAP file being processed.

This option has also been aliased as --junit_name to provide compatibility with a patch from Joe McMahon.


Display brief help message.


Displays the full documentation.


Graham TerMarsch <cpan@howlingfrog.com>

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