tabulate - Man Page

tabulate – pretty-print tabular data


tabulate [options] [FILE ...]


Positional Arguments


a filename of the file with tabular data; if “-” or missing, read data from stdin.

Optional Arguments

-h,  --help

Show a help message

-1,  --header

use the first row of data as a table header

-o FILE, --output FILE

print table to FILE (default: stdout)


use a custom column separator (default: whitespace)

-F FPFMT, --float FPFMT

floating point number format (default: g)


integer point number format (default: “”)

-f FMT, --format FMT

set output table format; supported formats: plain, simple, grid, fancy_grid, pipe, orgtbl, rst, mediawiki, html, latex, latex_raw, latex_booktabs, latex_longtable, tsv (default: simple)

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October 2022