tabbed-user man page

tabbed-user — tabbed reconfiguration helper and launcher script


tabbed-user is a helper script for running and reconfiguring tabbed if neccessarry.

Running tabbed-user starts the Fedora build by default. If you wish to customize your configuration, put your tabbed configuration header file to $HOME/.tabbed/config.h and adjust it according to your needs. The official Fedora configuration file might be a useful template. See the Files section of this manual.

Every time the user configuration file has changed or new patches have been added, tabbed-user will rebuild the user tabbed binary prior to its execution.

Fedora utilizes alternatives to choose whether the system build, also installed as tabbed-fedora, or the custom build is run. If available, custom builds are preferred.


    - User tabbed directory
    - User tabbed configuration
    - Optional patches to apply
    - tabbed sources
    - Fedora build configuration

See Also

tabbed(1), update-alternatives(8)


Report bugs to Red Hat Bugzilla,


Written by Petr Šabata <>, 2014.