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tabbed - Man Page

generic tabbed interface


tabbed [-c] [-d] [-k] [-s] [-v] [-g geometry] [-n name] [-p [s{+/-}]pos] [-o normbgcol] [-O normfgcol] [-t selbgcol] [-T selfgcol] [-u urgbgcol] [-U urgfgcol] [-r narg] [command ...]


tabbed is a simple tabbed container for applications which support XEmbed. Tabbed will then run the provided command with the xid of tabbed as appended argument. (See Examples.) The automatic spawning of the command can be disabled by providing the -s parameter. If no command is provided tabbed will just print its xid and run no command.



close tabbed when the last tab is closed. Mutually exclusive with -f.


detaches tabbed from the terminal and prints its XID to stdout.


fill up tabbed again by spawning the provided command, when the last tab is closed. Mutually exclusive with -c.

-g geometry

defines the X11 geometry string, which will fixate the height and width of tabbed. The syntax is [=][width{xX}height][{+-}xoffset{+-}yoffset]. See XParseGeometry(3) for further details.


close foreground tabbed client (instead of tabbed and all clients) when WM_DELETE_WINDOW is sent.

-n name

will set the WM_CLASS attribute to name.

-p [s{+-}]pos

will set the absolute or relative position of where to start a new tab. When pos is is given without 's' in front it is an absolute position. Then negative numbers will be the position from the last tab, where -1 is the last tab. If 's' is given, then pos is a relative position to the current selected tab. If this reaches the limits of the tabs; those limits then apply.

-r narg

will replace the narg th argument in command with the window id, rather than appending it to the end.


will disable automatic spawning of the command.

-o normbgcol

defines the normal background color. #RGB, #RRGGBB, and X color names are supported.

-O normfgcol

defines the normal foreground color.

-t selbgcol

defines the selected background color.

-T selfgbcol

defines the selected foreground color.

-u urgbgcol

defines the urgent background color.

-U urgfgbcol

defines the urgent foreground color.


prints version information to stderr, then exits.



open new tab


previous tab


next tab


move selected tab one to the left


move selected tab one to the right


toggle autofocus of urgent tabs


toggle between the selected and last selected tab


open dmenu to either create a new tab appending the entered string or select an already existing tab.


close tab


focus next urgent tab


jumps to nth tab


Toggle fullscreen mode.


$ tabbed surf -e

$ tabbed urxvt -embed

$ tabbed xterm -into

$ $(tabbed -d >/tmp/tabbed.xid); urxvt -embed $(</tmp/tabbed.xid);

$ tabbed -r 2 st -w '' -e tmux


tabbed can be customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source code. This keeps it fast, secure and simple.


See the License file for the authors.


See the LICENSE file for the terms of redistribution.

See Also

st(1), xembed(1)


Please report them.

Referenced By

st(1), surf(1), tabbed-user(1), xembed(1).