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t1testpage - Man Page

create a PostScript proof for a Type 1 font


t1testpage [font...]


T1testpage creates a PostScript proof document for the specified Type 1 font file and writes it to the standard output. The proof shows every glyph in the font, including its glyph name and encoding. The font argument should be the name of a PFA or PFB font file. If more than one font is given, the output proof contains all the fonts in order. If font is omitted, t1testpage will read a font file from the standard input.

T1testpage is preliminary software.


-g glyphs, --glyph=glyphs

Print only glyphs matching glyphs. The argument is a glyph pattern, using shell-like matching rules; thus, -g 'A*' will match the glyphs 'A', 'Atilde', and 'Ampersand', among others.  You can give this option multiple times, or supply multiple space-separated patterns in a single option.

-s,  --smoke

Print smoke proofs, one glyph per page.  This option is preliminary.

-o file, --output=file

Write the output proof to file instead of the standard output.

-h,  --help

Print usage information and exit.

-v,  --version

Print the version number and some short non-warranty information and exit.


Eddie Kohler (ekohler@gmail.com)

Referenced By


LCDF Typetools Version 2.108