sysrepocfg - Man Page

sysrepo configuration manipulation tool


sysrepocfg Operation [Options]


sysrepocfg is a command-line tool for manipulation of YANG data configuration stored in sysrepo. It can modify it in several ways and also send YANG RPCs and notifications.


-h,  --help

Print usage help.

-V,  --version

Print only information about sysrepo version.

-I,  --import[=PATH]

Import the configuration from a file or STDIN.

-X,  --export[=PATH]

Export configuration to a file or STDOUT.

-E,  --edit[=PATH/EDITOR]

Edit configuration data by merging (applying) a configuration (edit) file or by editing the current datastore content using a text editor.

-R,  --rpc[=PATH/EDITOR]

Send a RPC/action in a file or using a text editor. Output is printed to STDOUT.

-N,  --notification[=PATH/EDITOR]

Send a notification in a file or using a text editor.


Perform a copy-config from a file or a datastore.

When both a PATH and EDITOR/SOURCE-DATASTORE can be specified, it is always first checked that the file exists. If not, then it is interpreted as the other parameter. If no PATH and no EDITOR is set, use text editor in $VISUAL or $EDITOR environment variables.


-d,  --datastore DATASTORE

Datastore to be operated on. Accepted by import, export, edit, copy-from op. DATASTORE is:
· running (default)
· startup
· candidate
· operational

-m,  --module MODULE

Module to be operated on, otherwise it is operated on full datastore. Accepted by import, export, edit, copy-from, mandatory for new-data op.

-x,  --xpath XPATH

XPath to select. Accepted by export op.

-f,  --format FORMAT

Data format to be used, by default based on file extension or xml if not applicable. Accepted by all op. DATASTORE is:
· xml (default)
· json
· lyb

-l,  --lock

Lock the specified datastore for the whole operation. Accepted by edit op.

-n,  --not-strict

Silently ignore any unknown data. Accepted by import, edit, rpc, notification, copy-from op.

-o,  --opaque

Parse invalid nodes in the edit into opaque nodes. Accepted by edit op.

-p,  --depth DEPTH

Limit the depth of returned subtrees, 0 (unlimited) by default. Accepted by export op.

-t,  --timeout SECONDS

Set the timeout for the operation, otherwise the default one is used. Accepted by all op.

-e,  --defaults WD-MODE

Print the default values, which are trimmed by default. Accepted by export, edit, rpc op. WD-MODE is:
· trim (default)
· report-all
· report-all-tagged
· explicit
· implicit-tagged

-v,  --verbosity LEVEL

Change verbosity to a level. Accepted by all op. LEVEL can be a string or a number:
· none/0
· error/1 (default)
· warning/2
· info/3
· debug/4

See Also (sysrepo home page) (sysrepo Git repository)


Michal Vasko <>


2021-10-07 sysrepo