man page — Cleanup and sync the perl-current source-tree


$ ./ -t rsync -d ../perl-current [--help | more options]


$ ./ -c [smokecurrent_config]


Options depend on the type option, exept for some.


Configuration file

-c | --config <configfile> Use the settings from the configfile can use the configuration file created by Other options can override the settings from the configuration file.


General options

-d | --ddir <directory>  Set the directory for the source-tree
-t | --type <type>       'rsync', 'snapshot', 'copy', 'ftp' [mandatory]
-v | --verbose <0..2>    Set verbose level
-h | --help              Show help message (needs Pod::Usage)
--man                    Show the perldoc  (needs Pod::Usage)

options for -t rsync

--source <rsync-src>     (
--rsync <path/to/rsync>  (rsync)
--opts <rsync-opts>      (-az --delete)

options for -t snapshot

--server <ftp-server>    (
--sdir <directory>       (/pub/apc/perl-current-snap)
--sfile <file>           ('')
--snapext <ext>          (tgz)
--tar <un-tar-gz>        (gzip -dc %s | tar -xf -)
--patchup                patch a snapshot [needs the patch program]
--pserver <ftp-server>   (
--pdir <directory>       (/pub/apc/perl-current-diffs)
--unzip <command>        (gzip -dc)
--patch <command>        (patch)
--cleanup <level>        (0) none; (1) snapshot; (2) diffs; (3) both

options for -t copy

--cdir <directory>       Source directory for copy_from_MANIFEST()

options for -t hardlink

--hdir <directory>     Source directory to hardlink from

options for -t ftp

--ftphost              Host with sources (
--ftpsdir              Sourcedir to mirror (/pub/apc/perl-current)
--ftpcdir              Diffs dir to get change (/pub/apc/perl-current-diffs)

options for -t forest

--fsync <synctype>       Master sync-type (One of the above)
--mdir <directory>       Master directory for primary sync
--fdir <directory>       Intermediate directory (pass to
All options that are needed for the master sync-type


This is a small front-end for Test::Smoke::Syncer.

See Also

"Keeping in sync" in perlhack, Test::Smoke::Syncer


2016-04-21 perl v5.24.0 User Contributed Perl Documentation