sympa_newaliases - Man Page

Alias database maintenance

Synopsis --domain=dom.ain

Description is a program to maintain alias database.

It is typically invoked from Sympa::Aliases::Template module via sympa_newaliases-wrapper, then updates alias database.

Options may run with following options.


Name of virtual robot on which aliases will be updated.

-h, ā€‰--help

Print this help message.

Configuration Parameters

Following site configuration parameters in /etc/sympa/sympa.conf will be referred. They may be overridden by robot.conf of each virtual robot.


Source text of alias database.

Default value is $SENDMAIL_ALIASES.


System command to update alias database. Possible values are:


Sendmail makemap utility.


newaliases(1) or compatible utility.


Postfix postalias(1) utility.


Postfix postmap(1) utility.

Full path

Full path to executable file. File will be invoked with the value of sendmail_aliases as an argument.

Default value is newaliases.


Type of alias database. This is meaningful when value of aliases_program parameter is makemap, postalias or postmap.

Possible values will be vary by system commands. For example, postalias and postmap can support any of btree, cdb, dbm, hash and sdbm.

Default value is hash.

Return Value

Returns with exit code 0. If invoked system command failed, returns with its exit code. On other failures, returns with 1.



Sympa site configuration.


Set UID wrapper for

History appeared on Sympa 6.1.18. It was initially written by IKEDA Soji <>.

See Also


Referenced By

Sympa::Aliases::Template.3Sympa(3), sympa_toc(1).

2023-07-22 sympa 6.2.72