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sympa-config - Man Page

Manipulate configuration of Sympa


sympa config name=value ...

sympa config sub-command [ options ... ]


sympa config name=value ...

Edit configuration file in batch mode. Arguments would include pairs of parameter name and value.

If no explicit changes given, configuration file won't be rewritten.


-o, --output=set ...

Specify set(s) of parameters to be output. set may be either omittable, optional, mandatory, full (synonym for the former three), explicit or minimal. This option can be specified more than once.

With this command, explicit and mandatory sets, i.e. those defined in the configuration file explicitly, specified in command line arguments or defined as mandatory, are always included.


Currently following sub-commands are available. To see detail of each sub-command, run 'sympa help config sub-command'.

sympa config create ...

Create configuration file.

sympa config show ...

Show the content of configuration file.


sympa_wizard.pl appeared on Sympa 3.3.4b.9. It was originally written by:

Serge Aumont <sa@cru.fr>

Olivier Salaün <os@cru.fr>

--batch and --display options are added on Sympa 6.1.25 and 6.2.15.

On Sympa 6.2.70, the most of functions provided by this program was reorganized and was integrated into sympa config command line, therefore sympa_wizard.pl was deprecated.


2023-07-22 sympa 6.2.72